FileWire Service Bureau

Companies who are looking for a managed solution for their secure file transfer needs, rather than running a costly in-house operation, can turn to our Service Provider solution. Our FileWire Service Bureau allows your company to exchange any type of digital patient data confidentially and securely.



Flexible Transport Options

Whether you or your clients wish to exchange data over the Internet, FTP, SSH, or even through dial-up modems, you can provide it. By having multiple connectivity options, it also serves as a contingency plan for customers to send critical files when their (or your) Internet goes down.

  • HTTP and Web
  • FTP
  • Dial-up (point-to-point, doesn't touch the Internet)
  • Telnet
  • SSH
  • SMTP,POP3 e-mail
  • FileWire Client

Flexible Pricing Options

To meet your needs we offer a variety of service plans you can tailor for the most cost-effective solution for your organization.

  • per transfer, or
  • per transfer file size, or
  • per client, or
  • flat fixed monthly.

In summary, the FileWire Service Bureau makes economic sense for companies with limited resources in either time, money, and/or personnel, because it allows them to pay for advanced applications and their support infrastructures as they use them, rather than making large up-front investments. By using our facilities, bandwidth, storage, manpower, expertise, and secure services, you can get started now with a predictable cost model as well as a faster return on investment.