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Netvillage offers FileWire Hosting option - Sep 03
In response to customer feedback, netVillage now offers customers a managed ASP (application service provider) solution for their secure file transfer needs. Creating a secure multi-platform web site “in-house” often represents a huge investment in capital, technology, and hard to find software development talent. “By providing a one-stop, whole-product outsourced solution, our clients can concentrate on their core business and content, not the site infrastructure or technical details,” indicates Ramsey Taweel, General Manager of HIPAA development for netVillage. “Our goal,” Ramsey continues, “is to become the leading file transfer Application Service Provider”. Click here for details.

Netvillage announces 3 new customer wins - Aug 03
MagnaCare Managed Health Programs of New York, Prescription Solutions and Republic Bank, join the ranks of netVillage customers using the Filewire version of the product for secure HIPAA compliant file transmissions. 

Miami-Dade County providing fee-based file access via FileWire - June 03
Miami-Dade County needed a solution to provide access to documents and records on request by the general public. The information needed to be available and accessible for users with Internet access as well as those with computers and only a modem (dial-up). Miami-Dade would also charge a small fee (to cover costs) for access to each document. Click here for details.

New Filewire Client makes it easy to send encrypted files - May 03
New Release of Filewire client allows hosts to distribute a branded software executable to customers for their use in connecting to file transfer server. Features include a one-click “send files” option, scripting support, and the ability to encrypt files with a key before transfer. Click here for details...

Spectrum Health switches to Worldgroup - Apr 03
"We considered developing a HIPAA-compliant file transfer solution on our own, but when we saw the compelling value of the off-the-shelf solution it was a no-brainer - we chose Worldgroup FileWire" - Bob Townsend, Spectrum Health. Click here for details...

Secure Shell Interface released - Feb 03
A SSH Secure Shell product provides a robust, proven and extensible solution for secure connections over untrusted networks. SSH provides strong encryption and authentication with technology that is used by major universities, corporations and governmental organizations around the globe. It solves the most important threat to data integrity and user identity on the Internet: the stealing of data and passwords through eavesdropping on IP. 

"Our SSH implementation, when combined with an SSH complaint terminal, can act as a secure gateway to existing telnet-based applications.", indicates Adarsh Kini, Senior developer at netvillage. "This allows you to use your existing software services, in a secure environment, without any modification." 

HealthPack Computer Systems, a provider of practice management software, is using the SSH gateway with great success. "By using Worldgroup SSH as a front-end to our existing telnet-based software," said Kevin Runion or Helathpack, "we offer our customers secure processing, without changing a single line of code."

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